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Discover the beautiful shades in the Going Places collection from Custom Colour and the rich hues of the Falling For You collection from Phēnom.

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    • I ordered a little pot of this to try. I’m blown away by the difference it has made in just a few days! I have always had natural long nails but I’ve found the sides of my nails and cuticles have become hard and sore. This has made such a difference and is now on my ‘must have’ list!



      5out of 5
    • Incredible!

      This did the trick sorting out my nails before a holiday. My nails are more hydrated, healthy and stronger after using this for a few weeks.



      5out of 5
    • Magnificent Mystery

      I don’t know how it works or why but it does.
      I have had soft, splitting nails for years, 6 weeks of twice weekly application and my nails are growing well, no splits, no peeling. So happy with this product! 10/10



      5out of 5
    • Smells divine. Returned my cuticles to something I’m happy to show off and nourishes my weak nails



      5out of 5
    • This is by far the best product I have ever used on my nails. I have a thyroid problem and my nails were always brittle and splitting so I reluctantly tied gel then acrylic to help. With lockdown I had to grow my nails off and researched this product. My nails are now strong and with everyday life look great. Can’t rev I end this product enough.


      J barnard

      5out of 5